Police Minister Miller, it’s time to go

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has been forced to defend her bungling Police Minister for a third time, despite promising that errors of judgement would “not happen again”.

Shadow Minister for Police, Fire, Emergency Services and Corrective Services Jarrod Bleijie said it was time for the Premier to admit to her own error of judgement, and remove Jo-Ann Miller from her role as a Minister in the Palaszczuk Labor Government.

“Just a few days ago Ms Miller was intent on relocating the Ipswich Police Communication Unit in to Brisbane, a move that would have robbed the Member for Bundamba’s own region of 27 frontline jobs,” Mr Bleijie said.

“Today the Premier has pulled rank and confirmed the unit won’t move until there is more consultation.

“Any reasonable person would have expected that the consultation would have occurred before the decision was made, especially from a Labor Government that promised to ‘listen to Queenslanders’.”

Mr Bleijie said Jo-Ann Miller had made a number of very poor decisions since being appointed Police Minister and it was time for her to go.

“The first judgement error came when Ms Miller came up with the silly suggestion to allow convicted criminals into the community in a bid to reduce prison overcrowding,” he said.

“The second and even more alarming judgement error was when Jo-Ann Miller contacted a key whistle-blower in a police investigation – an extremely inappropriate act for any Minister, let alone the Police Minister.

“Add to this the short-sighted decision to move the Ipswich Police Communication Unit and you’ve got Jo-Ann Miller’s judgement error trifecta.

“In any other situation, the third strike would be the final straw but it seems the Premier has set a very low bar for her Ministers. How many more chances is this incompetent Police Minister going to get?”

Mr Bleijie said it was time for Annastacia Palaszczuk to move Jo-Ann Miller to the backbench and give Queensland a Police Minister that was up to the job.

“It’s a real shame that Labor’s internal factional obligations and union boss influence means that Queenslanders are condemned to incompetent and ineffective Ministers,” he said.

“What’s even more disappointing is that the Premier doesn’t seem to be interested in keeping her promises and holding her team to account. Queenslanders didn’t vote for this.”

[ENDS] 9 July 2015