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Do you support the LNP’s strong stand against bikies? Show your support by signing the petition. Don’t let Labor put community safety at risk.

If elected, Labor will put community safety at risk, undoing the strong progress the Newman LNP Government has made against outlaw bikie gangs.

Since October 2013 there have been 1,706 criminal gang participants arrested on 4,710 charges. Across Queensland between July 1, 2014 and November 30, 2014:

  • The rate of reported robbery is down 27 per cent, a drop of 185 offences.
  • The rate of reported extortion is down 35 per cent, a drop of 16 offences.
  • The rate of reported unlawful entry is down 20 per cent, a drop of 2,875 offences.
  • The rate of reported motor vehicle theft is down 19 per cent, a drop of 773 offences.

Labor has said it will repeal these laws, taking us back to the bad old days where criminal gangs intimidated innocent Queenslanders, laid siege to police stations, peddled drugs to kids and shot each other on our streets.

Say No to Labor’s bikie law repeal.

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Authorised by Jarrod Bleijie, 4/3 Nicklin Way Minyama QLD 4575

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