LNP to create level playing field for taxi industry

The Liberal National Party will restore confidence to the personalised transport industry and ensure a level playing field for taxi and ridesharing operators.

Member for Kawana, Jarrod Bleijie MP, said Annastacia Palaszczuk had botched the introduction of ridesharing services, leaving thousands of taxi owners and operators angry, frustrated and out of pocket.

Mr Bleijie said the LNP, if successful at the next election, would appoint an independent Personalised Transport Commissioner to ensure Queensland had a safe and fair taxi and rideshare industry.

“Labor has hurt the taxi and limousine industry causing uncertainty, angst and an uneven playing field,” Mr Bleijie said.

“The LNP will treat drivers, owners and operators with respect as we try to repair the damage caused by this Labor Government.

“We have to ensure safe transport for passengers and drivers while also sensibly removing red tape to benefit passengers by easing the pressure on fares.

“The independent commissioner will be an industry voice in government and will restore certainty and stability to an industry that has been kicked about by Annastaica Palaszczuk.

“The commissioner will act as an ombudsman for the industry and a source of independent advice for the minister and will be responsible for recommending safety requirements including CTP insurance, safety cameras, vehicle identification, licensing and registration.”

Mr Bleijie said the LNP promised the industry at the Cairns Community Forum last month that it would act swiftly, give passengers, drivers and owners a voice and fix up Labor’s mess.

“A disappointing hallmark of Labor’s changes has been the uncertainty and unfair treatment of licence owners and operators,” Mr Bleijie said.

“We experienced that anger first-hand at the Cairns Community Forum last month and we gave those who attended a commitment that we would act.

“To ensure industry voices are always heard by the government, the LNP will also establish a Personalised Transport Ministerial Council, consisting of the minister, commissioner and industry.

“This will give industry a real opportunity to raise issues with the minister and contribute to the future direction of policy.”

Mr Bleijie said the LNP had listened and worked closely with Taxi Council Queensland to ensure there was a level playing field for drivers and owners.

“Labor’s changes were kneejerk policy and weren’t well thought through,” Mr Bleijie said.

“Without the LNP’s intervention we could have cars on the road pretending to be taxis – putting passengers at risk.

“The LNP also moved to remove Labor’s unfair compensation cap after shaming Labor into bringing forward the industry payments.

“The LNP is committed to leading a government that is better for Queensland.
“More government isn’t the answer to our problems – better government is.
“We will be a common sense government that listens, plans and acts to build a better Queensland.”

The independent Personalised Transport Commissioner will:
• be responsible for the licensing and registration of vehicles, drivers and operators within the personalised transport industry and ensure proper affiliation and co-ordination between these parties
• liaise closely with the Motor Accident Insurance Commission (MAIC) to set Compulsory Third Party insurance premiums for personalised transport vehicles and be able to review personalised transport vehicle classes with MAIC
• recommend safety standards and regulatory changes to the Minister, including in relation to safety cameras and vehicle identification
• advise the Minister on the future of the personalised transport industry
• advise the Minister on opportunities to reduce the regulatory burden on all industry participants to ease the pressure on fares
• be responsible for independently endorsing legislative changes to the industry and consulting on draft changes
• direct transport officer enforcement of personalised transport regulations
• be required to publish an annual report of official activities, and facilitate and improve integration with the public transport network.

Media Release: 10 April 2017