Ipswich deserted by Labor

Ipswich Labor MPs have voted to close the Ipswich police communications centre, despite actively campaigning against the move.

Shadow Minister for Police, Fire, Emergency Services and Corrective Services Jarrod Bleijie said the failure of local Labor members to support the LNP’s motion to keep the communications centre open was a breathtaking betrayal of the Ipswich community.

“Tonight the LNP moved a motion to support the Ipswich Police Communications Centre and called on the Queensland Government to retain the centre in its current location,” Mr Bleijie said.

“Both Ipswich MPs Jennifer Howard and Jim Madden stood up at a recent protest and said they would do whatever they could to keep the centre open.

“In Parliament tonight they had an opportunity to vote to support the workers in their electorates and instead, they stood up for their bungling Labor Police Minister.”

Mr Bleijie said the decision to close this communications centre, costing 27 local jobs, was made without consultation and is another example of a Police Minister plagued in crisis.

“This Minister has a longer rap sheet than most Queensland prisoners,” he said.

“Let’s not forget this is the Minister that contacted a key whistle-blower in a police investigation – an extremely inappropriate act for any Minister, let alone the Police Minister.

“The Labor party has been forced to put the Minister in her own style of witness protection and despite the growing list of errors, the Premier continues to defend her.

“Queenslanders deserve better than to put up with this kind of incompetence and it is time for the Premier to stand up to the CFMEU bosses and sack the Police Minister.”

Mr Bleijie said the decision by Jo-Ann Miller to relocate the centre to Brisbane was completely at odds not only with the people of Ipswich but also the Queensland Police Union.

“Around 27 frontline jobs will go if this centre is closed down and the people of Ipswich will be left without a local centre that has the ability to control emergency responses at a local level,” Mr Bleijie said.

“This decision flies in the face of what Premier Palaszczuk continues to tell Queensland. Labor spruiks about being pro jobs and consultation but this fails on both fronts.”

[ENDS] 15 July 2015

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